Medical Services

At Grafton Medical Centre out team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists aim to provide full range of health care service to patients of all ages and from all walks of life.


Coughs and colds and worse – and the management of long term medical conditions

Sports Injury

We work very closely with physiotherapist based in the practice

Accidents and Injury

Treatment of sprains and other injuries

Women’s Health 

We will discuss all aspects of family planning, contraception and emergency contraception, pre-pregnancy advice, premenstrual syndrome, menopause  and other related worries.
We do pregnancy testing, rubella testing, breast examination.
We provide ante-natal and post-natal care in conjunction with the practice nurses.
We do cervical check smears in conjunction with the practice nurse; these need an invitation from the cervical check programme unless you have had an abnormal smear or are overdue a smear (see ). We do sexually transmitted infection  (STI) testing by appointment.
Morning After Pill, with the nurse = €44 (and discount card to come back to the doctor for a more long term contraception visit!)

Men’s Health

Sexual problems including erectile dusfunction and libido issues

Workplace stress and bullying

Prostrate problems and screening for prostrate cancer

Preventative Health:

It is better to catch disease early. At Grafton Medical we offer two main types of disease prevention:

1. Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening:

Who can have an STI screening?

Anyone can avail of sexual health screening.  You do not need to have visited this clinic before to avail of this service.  Testing is done by the practice nurse.

  • STIs are infections passed from one person to another during skin to skin or intimate sexual contact
  • STIs usually affect the genitals, anus or mouth, but can also affect other areas of the body
  • STIs usually do not cause signs or symptoms
  • Sometimes they may cause discharges, sores, growths or rashes
How do I catch STIs?
  • Having penetrative sex – vaginal, oral or anal, without a condom
  • Even protected sex can put you at risk of catching some STIs
  • Some activities are higher risk than others
  • Unprotected Sex – with casual partners, with multiple partners, with a partner who has taken risks (e.g. had unprotected sex with casual partners) or with a partner who has injected drugs
  • Men who have unprotected anal sex with other men are also at higher risk
Remember that some STIs show no visible symptoms – you won’t always know if you need a check-up.
What happens at the screening?
An STI screening takes about half an hour.  First we will take a detailed history, discuss your worries and then perform some tests.
  • Blood tests are used to test for – HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis
  • Swabs are taken to test for other viruses and bacteria.  A swab is where a special cotton bud is rubbed over part of your body to take a sample for testing
Results and treatment
Results can be given to you how you choose.  We can call, text or email your results to you.  If a positive test returns, you may need to see the doctor for a subsequent visit. You can talk to the practice nurse regarding this.  There will be an extra fee for the doctor visit.
What men should expect
You may have blood tests taken.  You will also be asked not to urinate for at least two hours before your appointment – to provide us with a urine sample, or you may drop back a first urine in the morning.
What women should expect
You may have swabs and blood tests taken.  If you are due a cervical smear you can avail of one at this stage – please check your eligibility on
What is the cost?
The cost of the STI screening is €120 – this includes the initial consultation and all tests.
Useful Links:
St James’s Guide Clinic –
Crisis Pregnancy Agency –
Dublin Rape Crisis Centre –
Young People Information –
For men who have sex with men –

2. Check-up Medical

Hypertension (‘blood pressure’), diabetes, and certain cancers can all be symptomless.  We provide sensible age-specific testing for the relevant diseases that can cause major health issues without the patient knowing.

The patient fills out a comprehensive lifestyle and health-related questionnaire.  The preliminary results of this are discussed during the consultation which takes 30 minutes.

Then there is a wide-ranging physical examination involving cardio-respiratory, abdominal and neurological systems.  The examination includes fasting blood tests for cholesterol, diabetes, liver & kidney functions tests, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folic acid and a full blood count.

The blood tests are taken here at Grafton Street and sent to an accredited laboratory.  When they return they are incorporated into the results of the medical and a written report is sent to the client with results and recommendations.

The fee is €195.00

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